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Welcome to jerrysphotos.com. I'm Jerry. Let me tell you a little about myself. As a young man I joined the Navy and wanted to be a photographer, but was told that there were very few openings in the Navy's rate ( Photographers Mate ). So my next choice was a rate called Mineman, having to do with underwater mines; I thought that would be exciting. What I didn't know was that I would spend the next 5 years on shore duty (not bad for been in the Navy) except for the 30 days I spent on an aircraft carrier, called the USS Handcock. Well, I think I went through about 4 or 5 cameras in the Navy, because cameras are delicate and I was a little on the wild side! After my tour in Hawaii, Philippines & Japan, I had photography in my blood. The navy days came to a end, then it was time to get a job. That wasn't hard to do, I would drive through industrial zones, and stop and fill out applications everywhere. It wasn't long and I got a call from Pepsi. It was a good job, good money and steady work, but after a few years I was not happy. I needed more in life. I got wind of some photographers out of Half Moon Bay, CA, who were looking for a helpher or slave - I'm not sure witch. I moved to HMB, and never look back.I worked at a place called IMPACT PHOTOGRAPHY, run by two brothers Mike & Pat Powers. Impact was a small beach house right on the water, Where we were printing 16x20 color prints by hand, in trays. You couldn't have found a job that would teach you about color printing like this one, as we didn't follow traditional rules, where we were selling 16x20 prints to the poster industries. This is where weddings came into play, I was ask to shoot a wedding for a friend. I said: "O.K.," and charged $100 for my first wedding. I had no idea how many wedding I would be shooting in the years to come. I now live in Oroville, CA., next door to my best friend from the Navy days. No more cold summers!Lots of Bar-B-Qs at night. My friend has a used book store, and neither of us work too hard. About two weddings a month is comfortable for me. I have also been going to Mexico to small village called AJIJIC for more than 20 years now, and have a collection of more than 100,000 images that Icaptured from there.I have sold many images through the years with photo stock agents. I haven't entered very many contest in my life, but I entered one called M.I.L.K. , out of New Zealand. For that competition, my style of images fit the categories very well, ( Friends, Family, & Love. ) It was an international contest and there was 17,000 photographer from 164 countries that entered. You could only enter 6 images and you had put each one into a categories. Over 40,000 photographs were submitted and I was a winner in the "Family Book". The books were printed in 7 language for each category. I think I was very lucky.Photographing people is what weddings are all about to me. Kind of like the contest ( Love Family and Friends ). I hope you enjoy my images. Thank You for visiting my web site, Jerry Koontz (photographer).

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